Established as a small family owned shipping company in 1996, over the last 20+ years Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd has expanded and diversified becoming a giant in the global supply and distribution industry. The journey has been full of both triumphs and tragedies .The lessons we learned and the experiences we have gathered help us to best serve the customers and build strong partnerships with reliable suppliers in the field.

The company uphold the quality as the highest virtue to stand and expand in the competitive market place. We are constantly researching, changing and modifying our business operations to offer the best products to the best price for our customers. The company has spread its wings across the globe during the last decade via a strong chain of argents and trading partners across world enabling the company to render an efficient and reliable product and services to the global customers.

 We have expanded and diversified our business model in the following sectors


Our Mission 

To provide high quality products couple with friendly and efficient service to all of our customers.

Our Vision

To be the number one global supplier of high quality products

  • Food Products
  • Building and Construction Materials
  • Machinery & Equipments
  • Shipping and Logistics
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Our staffs are carefully selected for the best people to best serve the customers .The staff is consist of well trained personnel and experienced professionals .They are dedicated and equipped with the innovative knowledge and technologies of the respective fields to render an exceptional service to the customers. We pride ourselves being the preferred supplier to many reputed international customers. And we have achieved the ISO 22000 quality certification for our food products. We are being an active member of many of the Sri Lankan trade organizations like Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents, Department of Commerce etc.

Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd is determined to continue the journey, expanding and streamlining the business process with the aid of visionary leadership, dedicated staff and the our partners and suppliers, to add greater and multifaceted values to our loyal customers while making a positive contribution to the country and to the world at large.





As a leader in supply industry, Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd is committed to maintain quality of all of the products and services. All of our products go through a structured quality control process before being supplied to the customers.


Trust is paramount element of a strong relationship. We trust and respect our suppliers, employees and most importantly our loyal customer. At the same time, we safeguard the trust others place on us at all cost.


Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd strives to maintain integrity in all its business activities. The company is guided by the proclaimed values and deliver the best possible products and services to the customer requirements.


Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd is absolutely committed to ensure the safety of both our customers and employees. The company has implemented effective safety measures and standard quality control processes in all of its areas of operations.