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The company involve in creating outstanding values for both local and international customers in diverse industries via the highest quality products and services. We are dedicated to give our customers the highest quality products and services they can ever find in the market and surpass the standards and expectations in the process.
With proven track record of nearly 20+ years, the company, at present, is enjoying the accolade of being the recommended supplier of number of renowned companies around the world.

Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd guarantees quality and efficiency in all the products and services in the sectors we operate.

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Efficient Service  

We give you a quick and efficient service. We offer you the extract date and time of the delivery and try our best to delivery in time exceeding the expectations of our customers. , Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd values and respect the customers’ time and do not intend to waste their time.


Customer- oriented Service

Customer satisfaction is the primary aim of Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd. We give you what you want and go out of our own ways to provide tailored products and services according to the demands and requirements of the customers.


20+ years Proven Track Record

Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd has been in the international business arena now over two decades. Started as a small company and today the company has expended to different sectors catering to top international customers. The company has built a strong chain of sales and marketing team across the world to handle the demand of international customers satisfactorily.


Cutting-edge Technology

Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd is regularly upgrading and integrating latest technologies into the business process. The company uses the innovative quality control and product processing technologies. And the company possess the modern delivery vehicles that help to deliver in time while maintaining the desired quality.


Commitment to Quality

Gulf International Maritime (pvt) Ltd won the ISO 22000 quality certificate for the food products. And it has been an active member of major Sri Lankan trade organizations like Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Ceylon Association of Shipping Agents, Department of Commerce etc.